About us

A wedding is that special occasion which demands the best of the line services in every aspect, but more so, perhaps, in photography! While the good times will fade away, the beautiful photographs – replete with true emotions – that capture every precious moment, will last a lifetime, and more! The wonderful memories can be preserved forever, and cherished time and again, with a dollop of smile and a pearl drop in the eyes!

The team at Imageshastra (the name literally translates as ‘the science of picture-making’) strives to bring about a creative amalgamation of the specialized art of candid photography and the genre of wedding photography. We offer various customized services viz. the candid still photography, coffee table books, pre and post wedding shoots, destination weddings, et al. The team comprises photographers who have brought with them years of working experience and aesthetics from across genres such as advertising, fashion and portraiture and documentary photography. Guess that’s the reason why clients find our work so refreshing and that it stands out from the cliched wedding photography that we are so used to!

Based out of New Delhi,  Imageshastra has had the pleasure to offer their services to clients from across the country – they have done south Indian and north Indian weddings, Sikh weddings, Christian weddings, and much more. ImageShastra is committed to continue to offer the best and highest standards of photographic services, but more importantly to make you smile each time you see those pictures that we strive to make perfect, and make the whole experience truly memorable!

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